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How would you rate the overall professionalism of the photographer from Pho2u on the day of your wedding?

The aim of our photographer was to be polite and unobtrusive while helping you achieve your perfect pictures. How would you rate them?

How would you rate the attire of the photographer?

Do you have any other comments regarding the photographer on the day of your wedding?

How do you rate the pictures of your special day?

What is your favourite picture, and what features make it your favourite? (location, people, editing etc)

Would you consider having any of your pictures made into a display/commemorative item if you haven’t done so already? If so, which would appeal to you?

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How would you rate the Pho2u Website in regards to layout, ease of use, and beneficial content?

Did you use the “Chat Online” feature to contact Pho2u?


What were your experiences of the Chat feature (if you used it)?

Is there anything you would like to see on the website that isn't already there?

Are there any features you dislike about the website?

Do you have any other comments regarding the website, if so please use the box below

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How did you hear about Pho2u?

How did you contact Pho2u?

How do you rate the contact between Pho2u and yourself (taking into consideration speed, telephone/e-mail manner etc.)?

Would you recommend Pho2u to a friend?


Would you be interested in using Pho2u for any other photography services?

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How do you rate Pho2u as value for money?


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